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Student Groups
One way you can make a difference at your school is by forming Power of One Student Groups. These groups are all inclusive and are designed to provide you and your classmates with the tools you'll need to take immediate, nonviolent action whenever you see a fellow classmate being bullied or harassed by another student.

The goal of student groups is to empower students to take ownership of the problem of harassment and of there schools. These groups will have a four-fold focus of mutual support, inclusiveness, training and outreach to be able to accomplish this task. In the training that will be provided Power of One students will focus on three areas, perspective taking, communication skills, conflict resolution skills.

The unique feature of a Power of One Student Group is that it is your group. We ask that there be a volunteer faculty advisor for the program to provide input as needed, but you and your fellow classmates will follow the suggested project ideas that are outlined in our Advisor's Guide. Once your student group establishes its identity, you will find many new and creative ways to demonstrate our motto: "The strength of many . . . the power of one."

The idea behind our program is that through your example, others will witness your example of respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others. No matter who they are. Our goal is to empower all youth with the ability to make a difference.

Key to our program is mentoring. As a mentor, you have the ability to work with younger students within your school system. For instance, many of our high school students work with their "feeder" junior high by bringing the message of what Power of One is trying to do stop bullying and harassment.

Students joining a Power of One Student Group make a pledge to:

". . . strive to treat all other students with the respect and dignity that
they deserve as human beings, and I will encourage others to do so.
I will not participate in any activities aimed at belittling or threatening
another student. I will help and support students at my school who are
victims of cruelty. I will welcome into our Power of One group any
student who wishes to participate in our vision."

How To Form A Student Group

To start a Power of One Student Group at your school first requires the commitment and support of your principal as well as teachers. Through your activities as a Power of One student, you will be increasing the awareness on your campus that bullying will not be tolerated at your school.

Before starting a student group at a school, we first meet with school administrators and teachers and talk about the problem and what can be done to stop it. We provide workshops on identifying bullying and how it can be dealt with at all levels.
We also conduct a confidential school-wide survey that measures the current "bully" climate at your school. This information is tabulated and used to spot behavioral trends that will help us custom design a program for your school if need be. We also share the survey report with your school principal to help them in helping our foundation implement the program.

Periodically we meet with faculty advisors to see how your program is doing and to offer any tips and suggestions we may have picked up along the way from one of our other Power of One student programs.

If you would like to start a Power of One Student Group at your school, have your teacher, counselor, or principal call our offices at: 952.403.9956 (weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time).

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