No one in our society today should be bullied, or mistreated.When you find your self in a situation like that , we at the Power of One have these guidelines for you the student to think about.Yes we know its not easy and very scary to stand up for your self, but in the end you will find that you are glad you did.

When you are being bullied:
  • Be firm and clear - look them in the eye and tell them to stop
  • Get away from the situation as quickly as possible
  • Tell an adult what has happened straight away

After you have been bullied:
  • Tell a teacher or another adult in your school
  • Tell your family
  • If you are scared to tell a teacher or an adult on your own, ask a friend to go with you
  • Keep on speaking up until someone listens
  • Don't blame yourself for what has happened

When you are talking about bullying with an adult, be clear about:
  • What has happened to you
  • How often it has happened
  • Who was involved
  • Who saw what was happening
  • Where it happened
  • What you have done about it already

Reprinted with permission from Childhood Bullying and Teasing: What School Personnel, Other Professionals, and Parents Can Do, Dorothea M.Ross, Ph.D.

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